Food Hacks – Part One (of many, hopefully!)

Food Hacks – Part One (of many, hopefully!)

After almost four years of motherhood (and even longer working in hospitality), I’ve learned a short cut or three.

I thought I’d share some food hacks I’ve found helpful and maybe they’ll be useful to you too.

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Use baskets to store like items.

I buy baskets at my local discounters store, and use them in my pantry to store…well, basically everything.

I have one for rice, gluten free pasta, normal pasta, meal satchets etc. It’s a great way to see everything at once, so if  I want a certain item, it’s easy to grab out entire basket.

It also reduces food wastage…if you can’t see it, you can’t use it!

  • Measure sticky ingredients without getting stuck!

I love baking with my children! It’s messy for sure, (not much helps that!), but it’s an activity we enjoy.

My boys got frustrated trying to scoop honey, peanut butter etc out of measuring cups/spoons as it would get stuck… One-day I sprayed the cups with cooking oil and discovered the sticky contents slid right out!

Lemon water ice cubes

I enjoy drinking lemon water but don’t always have fresh lemons handy… so I slice lemons, place slices into an ice cube tray, top with water and freeze. Then simply pop them out into chilled water and voila! Yum!

Love hard-boiled eggs but don’t like peeling them? Try this!

Instead of boiling your eggs, steam them instead for about 15 minutes and the peel will slide off. Easy as!

(I use an electric steamer, though a stove-top steamer should have the same effect.)

Create magic magnet fingers and fish out egg shells.

Get stray egg shells in your baking bowl? (Which happens a LOT at the moment, as my 3yro is slowly mastering the art of cracking eggs)

Wet your fingers, the water will act like a magnet, and the shell will stick to your finger. Much easier.

Buy in bulk, portion and freeze.

We never buy meat at full price and always head to the meat aisle discount section first or keep eye out for sale stickers. There’s nothing wrong with discounted meat, bread and other products…supermarkets couldn’t sell it otherwise.

Keep a stash of freezer bags in various sizes, and freeze meal-size portions. Write the product and date of freezing.

The only thing to ensure when doing this is to always use the product within 24 hours of defrosting.

  • Prepare ingredients ahead of time for easy meals.

Dinner time is a crazy time as busy mums!

Make it easier for yourself by prepping ahead of time as much as you can.

Slice up raw chicken breast into meal-size portions and freeze. Fresh vegetables, cut up and stored in airtight containers, will last several days to a week in the fridge. Cooked steamed vegetables, potato mash, cooked pasta etc will store for several days.

Anything you can prepare ahead of time will save you time (and stress) during dinner time.

Make freezer friendly lunch items and freeze in bulk.

Make sandwiches ahead of time and freeze in dated ziplock bags. (This is a great way to use up the bread etc bought on discount!). The night before, put sandwiches in the fridge and they’ll be defrosted by next day.

(You can even add sandwiches still frozen into lunchbox if you/your children don’t have access to a lunch fridge, and by lunchtime they’ll be thawed but still cold n fresh.)

This works for freezing hot cross buns, cheese n bacon rolls, the list goes on…

Freeze food flat and bag up once frozen.

We love breakfast fruit smoothies in this house, and I’d rather use frozen fruit than icecubes.

I peel and slice bananas into one inch size, line a flat tray with baking paper, space them out and freeze. Once frozen, pop into a large ziplock bag for easy adding to smoothies and other recipes.

This also works for freezing cooked sausages, either sliced up or whole, for easy quick meals.

You could also freeze other fruits, cooked meats… lots of things. Freeze flat then bag up. Easy!

Buy products that appeal to your children, whilst being healthy.

One of my boys favourite foods is what they call ‘star faces.’ We buy these awesome frozen potato stars from Aldi, they keep for a long time and are always a big hit.

Other favourites are fish fingers, corn fritters and bubble ‘n’ squeaks. I store them flat in ziplock bags so they don’t stick together.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found some of these helpful. I’ll add more food hacks soon, as well as more cleaning and other hacks.

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