Naughty Breakfast In The Bedroom!

Naughty Breakfast In The Bedroom!

So…how’s your morning gone?

Mine turned to utter **** at 7am… I’m being brave and sharing it with you… 🙈

My 4yro and & 3yro boys were unsupervised in living room for 15 minutes whilst I’d gone back to my bedroom to get ready for school bus drop and must’ve crashed out asleep after a rough night.

Usually, they just watch TV, ipads or read books. Or make a toy mess building blocks or what not.
No different to playing in backyard whilst I cook dinner, or playing inside whilst I hang washing etc.
They know the rules and generally follow them. They have their moments but are usually sweet kids who do the right thing.

Not today though… I was roused by the rustling of a bread bag and the words “lets cut it up”… I thought “ok, its almost breakfast time, they must be trying make a sandwich, there’s probably a small mess”…


What in the…just…omg…WHY?!?! 🥴😡🥺

They must’ve been hungry and looking for breakfast but instead of coming and asking for food as they usually do three thousand times a day…

They’d lifted a tiny kid chair (cause dragging I’d have heard), climbed up to where breakfast and coffee stuff is stored, taken to 4yro’s bedroom and poured it EVERYWHERE!

Once cleaned, ipads in “jail” for a week!

Honey, sugar, maple syrup, hot chocolate powder, tea bags… It’s rubbed on the bed, mirror, ipad, teddies, reading chair, floor…

Everything is so sticky! Maple syrup is sticky!

I cannot believe what they managed to accomplish without making a sound because I’d have heard them… I left them on couches quietly watching Ipads!
They’ve NEVER done anything like this before!

Their ipads are in ‘jail’ now for a whole week!

Please tell me I’m not the only parent who has had this sort of mess occur in record time?!

Judgemental comments will be removed.
I’m not a perfect parent, none of us are and I cannot watch my children 24/7…

6 thoughts on “Naughty Breakfast In The Bedroom!

  1. When my kids were young, my oldest (and naughtiest) got past the refrigerator lock and smashed eggs and pancake syrup into the carpet. I was, luckily, in college at the time, and her dad called me disgusted because he hates eggs but had to clean it up! This was one of the milder things she made a mess with…you don’t want to know what she spread on the walls once! Kids have a sense of curiosity and don’t do it be bad. You are doing great!


    1. Thankyou!!! I’ll never forget the day I was in laundry for 5 minutes, came out to find my then 3yro had grabbed a black permanent marker my husband kept out accidentally 🙄, and had drawn over the white cabinets, white walls, stainless steel fridge/freezer & timber floor…
      Thank goodness for the magic of White Magic eraser!!!!


    1. Thankyou! I was very upset at the time…and frustrated. Luckily I was kidfree for few hours that morning, so used the opportunity to not only clean the mess & change linen, but I also basically removed everything small from room for a decent sort through…ie 4yros clothes, books etc.
      Thankyou for commenting!
      🙂 Joanna


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